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Globe trotters happy at home

After years of living in different countries, Pete and Liz Jones are enjoying being in one spot that offers it all.

They live at Manningtree Hawthorn, and Liz enjoy the convenience of a wine cellar and a movie theatre and games rooms with snooker and table tennis. “Pete is a member of the Wine Club, and they hold wine tastings,” says Liz. “He also plays snooker and table tennis – it’s pretty marvellous.”

Liz loves watching movies, playing cards and generally socialising with the other residents. “Happy hour is always just that,” she laughs. “We can get up to 25 people each bringing along a plate of snacks and whatever they are drinking, and meeting in the café on Friday afternoons. There’s always so much laughter and chatting!”

And Pete is also enjoying the opportunity to try new hobbies. He’s been retired for 20 years and enjoys doing water colour painting.

The former chemical engineer and his family were posted all over the world: Sydney, the Netherlands, Geelong, two stints in London, Singapore and of course Melbourne.

Liz, who is a teacher, laughs as she explains she spent most of her life settling the kids and making a home for themselves in the various cities. “It’s pretty good to be staying put in one spot now,” she says. “It was great fun, but it gets a bit tiring being uprooted all the time.”

And after all their global travels, the whole family is now in Melbourne. Their daughter is five minutes away and their son lives in Thornbury, so catching up with their five grandchildren is pretty easy. “We’ve got two car parks in the basement,” explains Liz. “So between that and being able to hop onto the train and the tram and head into the city, we’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to getting around.”

Liz is also delighted that the round-the-clock concierge at the complex means added safety. “We still plan to go on holidays, and it’s just so easy! We just have to close the apartment door and go,” she says.

She says they also decided to move in because of the continuum of care that Uniting AgeWell offers.

“We’re not getting any younger, and should we require additional levels of care, it’s good to know that Hawthorn Community is just next door.”

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