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Inspired design

Internationally acclaimed architectural practice Thomson Adsett is the designer of Manningtree Hawthorn. Practice Partner and Group Director – Seniors Living Tieran Kimber walks us through the finer details and inspired design that’s created an outstanding environment to enable people to live and age well.

The architectural design response to Manningtree Hawthorn is a modern ode to Victorian era architecture that relates well to its local urban context.

This is reflected in the richness of the massing of bricks, complemented with dark metal window frames and detailed steelwork, a nod to traditional lacework.

The generous garden spaces around the building give Manningtree a landscape element that sets it apart from other inner-urban residential buildings.

A combination of familiarity mixed with luxury is translated in the interior, using materials of warm timbers, against cool stone and articulated with the elegance of metal detailing.
On entry into the double height foyer with its generous light, there is a sense of drama, the moment of the event and the anticipation of chance meetings.

The arrangement of spaces unveils the next social opportunity with the transparency of adjacent public spaces. It’s an orchestration of passive and active spaces – the comfort of the lounge, the lively café, the quiet library with the backdrop of the landscape and exclusive courtyards.

Designing an environment that enables people to live harmoniously and age well is about designing for a lifestyle of comfort, independence, vibrancy and support.

The community centre at Manningtree Hawthorn includes a cinema, activity areas for craft, billiards and gym, the luxury of a hair and beauty salon and private restaurant. These opportunities set the scene for an exclusive membership, offering a range of lifestyle choices for connection and personal relationships with like-minded people.

It is this belonging to a community, emotionally and socially that provides a sustainable and supportive community.

Manningtree also brings the reassurance of a co-located care facility giving access to a broader range of services to support people as they age.